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[Suggestion] Use "forum editor" to edit signature

  • Would be nice to have some more control over the layout of my signature and to know what elements you have there. I figured out you can have links but haven't figured out, for example, how to replace the URL with a "hot key". I will test if I can use the same syntax I can use here... If I can it one more reason why we should have this editor available for the signature.

    EDIT: It does not work! I tried to have the "hot key" within parentheses, followed by a : and then the URL... :(

  • i'm new to this ... hot key? to do what?

  • chetankjain, as I understood he meant stuff like this: "some text":

  • fcrochik, i think the current signature mechanism is good enough. better to show the full url of your hyperlink so users know where it leads them to. in some cases the browser status bar may not be switched on (I don't use it to save on space) to show the url on hover ...

    but again, we provide the link mechanism in our forums/wikis ...

  • tamhanna, I don't think that it should be expanded. Signature should be small.

    Also I don't think that urls should be allowed at all in signature.

  • tamhanna, you can put any links into your profile if you want.

  • [quote author="tamhanna" date="1291578073"]Hi,
    I would like the text to be expanded to 1000 chars so that I can out all my blogs there...[/quote]

    have them in your profile like Dennis said, if your posts are that good here, people will dig out more and flow also into your blogs ... if not, they'll not even feel the need to visit the site you have in your signature, there is an "ignore user" option against each user too remember

  • tamhanna, forum is not a place for SEO for your blogs. Forum is place where people talk and solve problems.

  • I think those URLs should be taken off signature. This isn't an advertising board for your blog.

    How'd you get them there in the first place if the O.P. was unable to do so?
    Obviously a different method to "message":url because the url doesn't follow your message.

  • I read this topic, and I think necessary disallow hyperlinks in signature. QtDN is place for professional talks, but don't place for self-advertising.

  • I don't think all advertisement is necessary bad for the other users...

    As you can see on my signature I advertise free open source applications that I have developed. Not trying to sell anything... Of course I am interested on having more people see my work but I don't think this has any negative effect on this context. Anybody disagrees?

    On the maemo community is very common to use signatures to advertise bugs that could use some votes, wikis that can help people and also ways to contact (or follow) an user.

    Having clear "rules" of what is allowed and what is not and some way for users to "thank" or flag the user as abusive should help regulate what is done with the tool...

  • By the way: the signature on is very VERY flexible: you can do pretty much anything you can do with the post editor and the "editor" on is much fancier than the one here: you can control font, color, font size, ...

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