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Qt 4.8.3 Windows VS2010 installation issues

  • I am attempting to install Qt 4.8.3 on Windows 7. I have Visual Studio 10 installed.

    I downloaded and installed -

    This does not seem to install Qt Creator as I was expecting.

    So I installed this as well -

    Is this expected or is there something wrong with the 4.8.3 SDK install link ?

    If I then open Qt Creator and attempt to follow the steps for Building and Running an Example, I get stuck pretty quickly as there are no Examples listed.

    Is there a known problem with 4.8.3 SDK for windows or is this just me ?

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    There is NO 4.8.3 SDK. Only newest Qt5 beta2 ships with a SDK. So the 2 steps you had to undertake is the official way (for now - SDK for Qt4 is planned to be released later this year or early next year).

    As for the examples, I have no idea, I simply don't use them.

  • I got the example running, but needed to manually find the Examples folder and open the project rather than as per instructions on the tutorial.

    In case anyone else is having problems this is what I had to do post installation to get the examples working -

    start Qt Creator
    Add C:\Qt\4.8.3\bin\qmake.exe
    Tools/Kits/Desktop/Qt version/Qt 4.8.3 (4.8.3)

    and then to build example projects -

    examples are not automatically found when starting Qt Creator
    They can be found here though
    File/Open File or Project
    browse to relevant example and select the Qt Project file
    Configure Project

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