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A working example of a selection rectangle with grab handles, in a QGraphicsScene

  • I know how to write this myself, so pleeze don't reply with "a guess at the step-by-step instructions": . I can muddle through all that myself. I'm asking for a demonstrable example, to avoid the litany of googling for each detail, and the tedium of discovering what details work and which ones don't. (This is the Qt Quick, forum, rite?)

    Many art programs, such as Gimp, allow you to draw a temporary rectangle, then fine-tune it with grab handles. A grab handle on each side lets you pull the side; a grab handle in each corner lets you pull two sides, etc.

    Does anyone have an example of a working application, in any language, with the rest of this system? Beyond the "scene.addRect(x, y, w, h, _pens[color])" part?

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