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How and where can I notify Qt about major bug(buffer overrun) to get more attention?

  • I think I found a major buffer overrun bug in the Qt's text rendering code.
    I already reported it( couple of months ago), but there is no activity around it.
    Recently I have managed to found the concrete problem.
    How can I reach the Qt developers, to get know about it or get it more attention?

    The bug is:

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    Showing up at the ongoing DevDays is a good idea, but probably not easy to do :D

    You can ping developers on IRC or - even better - raise the issue on "development mailing list":

  • Last but not least it is a good idea to have a post with the link here. This provides to others the opportunity to "vote" for your bug and raise its importance.
    You have done the right thing already. However, you may want to change the title of your post to reflect the problem. This may draw others attention to read and vote.

  • Thanks guys. :)
    Updated topic's title. Maybe it's better(?). :)

    DevDays would be fine, only it is too far for me, and as far as i know there will be no DevDays in this year.
    I will try IRC also later on.

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