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QtCreator, Qt Libraries, linux. Can't find includes

  • Hi,
    i'm setting up a project that use another one that must be compiled and require Qts.
    For the occasion i started with a fresh system to try the new versions of both libraries and qtcreator.
    I removed all repositories qt packages and installed qt-libraries in default folders (/usr/local/Trolletch/Qt...) and qtcreator in home.
    i builded a test project all ok.
    Now the problem:
    i tried compiling the project, it asked me of qmake-qt4 so i builded a symlink from qmake to qmake-qt4 (present with the repo stuff but not with the sdk compiled and installed as i did). seemed to work, but at the first code line
    @#include <QWhateverClass> @
    it fails and quit.

    Obviously i put the Qt path in PATH in .profile, restarted.
    The project compiled perfectly on a more recent distro with repositories qt. I checked LD_LIBRARY_PATH and @qmake -query@ and all seems ok :/

    moreover i don't really know how to remove the sdk to try repo libs (seems i can't install them because some broken dep) and i

    bq. System: Ubuntu 10.10 (old but required), Qt-Libraries4.8.3, QtCreator 2.6

    Hope you can help me,
    Thank you :)

    Edit: i just found that QtLibraries are not the same as the SDK as it was previousy released. So renamed some thing, however i don't think this fit with the problem.

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    Who asks for qmake-qt4? We never do that in creator...

    Maybe you have some old Makefiles or something generated with the ubuntu-Qt installation that tries to regenerate itself. Try cleaning out the generated files and rerun qmake afterwards.

  • no it's not QtCreator, it's the project i am trying to compile.
    so is it right to say that calling qmake-qt4 is bad practice right?
    however i could not find a quick fix, so i had to give up soon and used old version of both given project and qt :/
    thank you anyway.

    ps: was a cmake project that could not find the includes even if it could find compiled libreries bins or even the includes and compile correctly if using the repository version of Qt.

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