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QT5 beta1 and QtCreator 2.6.0

  • Hi,

    I am trying to build an application using QT 5 beta1 and QtCreator 2.6.0 on MacOS Mountain Lion. I added the widets and printsupport QT config options, but the linker seems to be unable to resolve all QGraphicsItem related code. I get an "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64" error for all QGraphicsItem classes I use, for example "QGraphicsLineItem::QGraphicsLineItem(QGraphicsItem*, QGraphicsScene*)".

    Is the Graphics View code being moved to a separate module maybe? But all header files are still in the QtGui folders.

    I also tried to create a simple GUI with MainWindow applciation from scratch, and although QT5 seems to be supported already (greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets is added to the .pro file automatically), this project also produces an unresolved symbol link error, all for QWidget functions ending with "Changed". For example: "QWidget::fontChange(QFont const&)".

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Build information:

    • Mac OS Mountain Lion
    • Compiler: Clang (x86 64bit)
    • Qt version: Qt 5.0.0 (gcc_64)

    Edit I also tried using the GCC 64bit compiler, with the same results


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    You can try changing the linker from ld to g++. New Xcode versions have huge amount of problems with Qt ATM. Things will probably improve on the way. A good idea would be to check newest sources from gitorious, too.

  • I tried this on windows: I installed Visual C++ 2010, QT 5.0 beta1 and QtCreator 2.6.0. The project builds successfully, although I had to remove QtGui/ from a QGraphicsItem include. Apparently, on windows, the QGraphics* headers are in the QtWidgets headers folder?

    Edit I compiled QT5 on MacOS from git, and now it also compiles on Mac (although there are rendering issues). So essentially, the problem is fixed for me but I still hope this information was useful.

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    Qt 5 Beta 2 just came out. Give it a try; maybe the problem is already fixed

  • I can confirm that beta2 works out of the box, for both Windows XP and MacOS Mountain Lion.

    As a side note, the rendering issues I was having were due to to QPen that isn't cosmetic by default anymore. I use a scene with data in meters as units, so there is a lot of zooming involved. I think it would help if this was stated in the porting guide.

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