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Problem Building QtSources on Mac OSX in QtSDK

  • Hello all...

    I'm working on Mac OS 10.7.5

    I downloaded QtSdk-offline-mac-x86-v1.2.1 and ran the installer, all was fine.

    I poked around in the directory tree and got to QtSDK/QtSources/4.8.1 and found the sources. I ran the configure script, which seemed to run just fine. When I try to "make" however, I get this message:

    @cd examples/ && /Volumes/theVastWasteland/Qt/QtSDK/QtSources/4.8.1/bin/qmake /Volumes/theVastWasteland/Qt/QtSDK/QtSources/4.8.1/examples/ -spec ../mkspecs/macx-g++ -o Makefile

    Cannot find file: /Volumes/theVastWasteland/Qt/QtSDK/QtSources/4.8.1/examples/

    The examples directory is indeed empty. I did a custom install, and included just about everything except extra fonts and QtLinguist

    Is there any way to fix this? Get the examples directory content or convince the Makefile to try not to build it?

    Thanks for any help, suggestions, pointers, inspiration, anyone can offer.


  • Moderators

    Don't use the SDK sources to compile Qt. You need to get the code from "here": or from gitorious.

  • OK, thanks, I'll try that then!

    Now for the dumb question: Why are the sources included with the SDK, complete with configure and Makefiles if you can't actually build it?

    Thanks again!


  • Moderators

    I have no idea, it's strange, but has been true for most if not all of Nokia's SDKs. We'll see how Qt Project SDK will perform here once it's out.

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