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Really disappointed with Nokia behavior

  • Nokia shutdown the remote compiler service for Linux and Mac, and now it seems harmatan dev site is also down for good, see "this":
    I was developing another app for the N9, so much for the motivation. This is a great lack of respect for the developers. It will be just a matter of time until they end symbian app certification, and eventually Ovi Store. Really Glad that Qt is no longger under Nokia, and that soon will have Jolla, BB10 and Android port.

    In many foruns, clients have complainned about not having availability to buy N9 and Pureview, and about poor Lumia OS qualiy, that's why once the number 1 mobille company is now number 10 and falling. And the funny part, I remember watching in youtube an interview of Stephen Elop talking about the importance of really listning to clients and people.
    Sorry about the ranting but I was caught of guard with this news.

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    As rantings go, this one is really balanced and polite, so don't worry :D And I guess we all feel this way about Nokia now, but - as you've rightly put it - luckily Qt is no longer dependent on that company.

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