How to use scroll bar inside a DockWidget [Solved]

  • I have a dock widget with a text inside it and some buttons, which are in bigger size from my screen size (vertically), so they are cut off. I want a scroll bar to appear, if they are cut off like the behavioral of ScrollBarAsNeeded.
    I have tried to put all of my text and buttons inside a a Scroll Area which I put inside the DockWidget, and then I set the Scroll Area to ScrollBarAsNeeded, but I get zero changes (even if I put the scroll bar as always on).

    Thanks all

  • Can you please post some sample code to illustrate concretely what you've tried so far?

  • Has been solved by putting all the items inside the scroll area inside a layout.
    Nevertheless Thanks!

  • Glad it's working! Be sure and edit your initial post to add [Solved] to the thread title. Thanks!

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