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QtSerialPort sending data

  • Hi and hello,

    short problem. I try to send 3 commands with QtSerialPort to a device. If I send them in 3 different routines triggered by 3 buttons it works perfect. If I call these 3 routines from one additional routine it fails. The fourth routine includes the correct timing (sleep(2000)) on a windows system. A port sniffer shows the right commands, a break of 2000 ms from the first one to the second, but the third one comes together with the second one.
    button1-click -> command1
    button2-click -> command2
    button3-click -> command3
    the other way
    button4-click -> command1 -> sleep(2000)->command2->sleep(2000)->command3
    Why there is no break between command2 and command3 in the second way?


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    Please do not use sleep() call, because it is freeze event-loop.
    Instead use QTimer with command interval 2000 msec to send.

  • OK.
    But then I have to use signal - slot more...
    My little problem I solved this way. Now I wait for the response from the first command in a signal - slot loop, and it helps


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    IMHO, if you're going to use Qt, then you really need to lose the idea that using signals and slots are bad or cumbersome or something to avoid having to use. They're a fundamental part of the tool kit.

  • I know. And now, with using these tools it loks pretty good. And it works! Thanks you.

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