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"My homepage" on the forum

  • I really miss having a landing page (home?) where I could see all the threads I posted (or subscribed to) and have them sorted by last post date and the ones that have received posts since my last visit flagged somehow (a bold font?). In short pretty much what I can see on the control panel.

    Right now I have to rely on the notification e-mails.

    Please make sure to let me know if there is already something like this that I missed.

  • all that info is available but not from a single landing page ...
    you will have seen them either in your profile, or "new posts"/"posts since last visit"

    ability to configure your own customized home page would be a good thing to have too..

  • There is a recent topics on the main page but I can't find a recent posts that is actually sorted by time.
    If I click on 'X new posts', I get posts from hours ago.

    For example. I was unable to find this post by you chetankjain, even though it was the most recent.
    I just looked at Forum and checked which forum had the most recent change. It was in Beta Testing.

  • It's still not as integrated (on main page) or informative (flagged posts) though, which is what the O.P. is concerned with.

  • [quote author="tamhanna" date="1291537319"]But it comes pretty close to what the OP wants.

    Creating an all new page would be more work for the web team than just adding some sort of highlighting and a new link to the existing page.[/quote]
    OP wants a landing page and it's quite different. Yeah, it's more work for devs and probably not high priority but it's always there if they need something to do.

  • This thing was already discussed I think in one of threads where we discussed collapsible rows with last wiki pages, forum threads from user.

  • A page with all my subscribed topics would be just great! Also any topic must have a link to "subscribe"/"unsubscribe".

  • I have to say that none of the existing options give me what I am looking for.

    I just want to see what (and if) other people have replied to threads that I am interested in one place. Right now I need to open one by one of the "Someone just posted in ..." e-mails

  • infoctopus, look here , I think it will help you. And also there is a link for each thread to subscribe/unsubscribe. Just look at line next after the name of thread.

  • Denis, thank you! Have this been added recently or I was totally blind?

  • infoctopus, I can't remember when it was added, but it was something like July I think.

  • ah, well this is for email notifications anyway. Not for "my subscriptions" page

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1291569581"]infoctopus, look here , I think it will help you. And also there is a link for each thread to subscribe/unsubscribe. Just look at line next after the name of thread.[/quote]

    Well I've certainly discovered a lot of useful things hiding in the Member page now! Thanks.
    Didn't realise you can disable Smileys and signatures.

    What's wrong with them being email notifications infoctopus? You are subscribed to them, so you receive notifications for them.

  • [quote author="tamhanna" date="1291580311"]Smileys? I never saw any...[/quote]

    That doesn't mean there aren't any...

  • How could you have not seen people's smileys when they respond to comments. You can disable it in the "Edit Preferences": by the way. Maybe yours is already disabled.

    We are talking about: :) :-) :P :D :( and so on.

  • Ok, well that's a bit off-topic. You could create a bug topic about it.

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