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Slow Submit methods

  • Good day everybody ,
    I have a problem with using Submit methods it's work fine but very slow .
    For example if I making some changes in model with more than 50 000 rows it is about 30-40 sec.
    I know that some people have the same problem but they solve it by making decision not using classes such as QDataWidgetMapper .
    Is there a trick to using QSqlModel,QDataWidgetMapper and others with db such size without losing performance ?

    Sorry for my English ,it's not my native language and thank you for your time.

  • Hi, ~Dronissimo!

    Welcome to Qt Developer Network!

    To be honest - I don't know any tricks to manipulate with big databases. But if I need to solve your kind of problem I would do it on the low-level of course.

  • thank you for reply tucnak ,
    Yes ,I realize that if I would using databases such size I wouldn't use submit methods.
    You know I just think that 50 000 rows not to big for databases in our days =)

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