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Suggestion: Auto completion for tags

  • When adding a tag to a forum post or wiki page it would be handy if there was some autocompletion, e.g. after the first two or three characters. This would lead to more tags being reused instead of multiple tags for the same purpose created (think of "qt3to4" vs. "qt3 to 4" vs "qt3 to qt4"). Kind of AJAX I would think.

  • This could also work with my suggestion of converting all synonyms of a tag in to a single tag.
    It could display the auto-complete for all synonyms and then, once submitted, it would turn in to the standard tag.

  • Bug reports are a pain. Not only is it a separate account you need to make (we talked in other topic), but you need to detail it and provide test case and so on. And you'll likely have to check up on it as you will be the primary point of contact regarding the 'works here, can you provide..X'.

  • I think this isn't a very critical issue. More important things to work on. Tags are so small that there isn't much benefit. Good suggestions nonetheless.

    tam: A video? That's even more effort for me :\

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    Kind of illusionary to ask for a engine that will detect synonyms in tags. I doubt we will have an AI good enough for that in the next years. Yes, you can detect most plural forms and maybe even do some magic to find match tags with spaces/dashes to similar one without them... but that is not synonyms.

    tamhanna: How does a video save you from creating a concept app? The developers need to reproduce the issue and a video does not help much with that while a little application does. If in doubt please choose to provide a little application showing your bug in favor of adding a video.

    Of course a video can help to show what you actually consider to be the bug, so it sometimes is valuable:-)

  • I don't mean that the system detects it automagically. More of the 'merge tags' work. Someone can define the synonyms manually.

    tam: Yeah that video for your networking bug in Qt4.7.1 isn't very useful. Something like networking isn't visible in a Video. All you can do is say 'test this app' (well-known one), it doesn't work on Qt4.7.1 for me. That should be fine. Your test case is already built.

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    tamhanna: You might take a bit longer to produce a test app than a video, but you usually will get the bug fixed much sooner if you provide a test app instead of a video:-)

    This is simply due to the fact that a developer will need to reproduce the issue, so he will need to write a test app... and it will take him much longer than you since he usually does not exactly know what your problem is. Add the communication overhead to make sure everybody is talking about the same thing which is severely reduced by a test application, too.

  • I think reducing the popular tags related to current contents of the tag input line would solve most of the problems with the accidental introduction of alias tag. I started a new thread to discuss filtering:
    "[Suggestion] Filter popular tags by evaluation of the edit line":

  • [deleted because off topic]

  • I made up my mind just seconds after I wrote it. Sorry for you if you cannot but reply instantly. It's not me who hijacked the thread.

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1291588429"]Added "QTWEBSITE-120":[/quote]

    Thanks. :)

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