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QTCreator 2.6 RC for Blackberry development

  • Hi,

    I have installed QTC 2.6RC on Ubunutu. When I start it up I do not see the blackberry menu items under New Project/File. Looking at the templates, it seems I have not got the QtSupport.Wizards.FeatureBlackBerry. Any idea what might be wrong?

    regards Richard.
    P.S. I can create a Blackberry Device in QTCreator and connect to it.

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    In general Creator will only offer to create projects that it can then build stuff for. I am not 100% sure how the blackberry plugin works, but my guess is that you did not define a Kit/Qt version (those wizards check for installed Qt versions, not kits IIRC) that can work with RIM devices.

  • Thanks that was it.

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