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.exe file don't work correct on different PC

  • I am working on an application, that takes frames from 4 webcams (i named the webcams 1,2,3,4). It can run maximum any 2 webcams simultaneously (1 and 2; 1 and 3; 1 and 4; 2 and 3 ...). I can select from an USB custom device, which webcam/s are running.

    The problem is that .exe file that was created in release directory, works correctly on my PC, but when i move my application on other PC, when i select webcams 3 and 4, it starts just webcam 3. Or when i only select webcam 4, it also starts webcam 3.

    I used Qt creator 2.4.1 (based on Qt4.7.4 32bit), and OpenCV2.4.2., on 32bit Windows7. I am trying to run my application on the other computer with Windows7 32bit.

    For my .exe to work, i had to copy some .dll files from OpenCv installation, in the same directory with the .exe file. So, i think that i have to recompile OpenCv on the other computer too, so my application can run correctly but i'm not sure about this. Might this work ?

  • I think is not a problem on dll or version (32 - 64) but the way to access to the webcams. I know OpenCV on Linux but not on Windows. I know that OpenCV does not change channel of a input device. Are you sure OpenCV supports correctly Windows 7?

  • Don't think you need to recompile openCV. If that is the problem, the program woudn't run anyway and give a "couldn't find dll" stuff errors.
    As mrdebug says it is probably caused by Win7 and how it handles webcams. Maybe install Qt on a Win7 and start testing it there.

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