[SOLVED] Qt5 VS Addin 1.2.0 beta with VS 2010

  • Hello,
    i have created VM with Win 7 64-bit + VS 2010 SP1 + DirectX SDK(for ANGLE) + latest updates for Win7 & Microsoft SDK/Compiler update etc... Have successfully build Qt5 form git for 32-bit and 64-bit. I have also installed beta version of Qt VS Addin 1.2.0, but i just can't add Qt Version in Addin... Just getting error about unsupported makefile generator... Does someone have idea how to solve this problem?

    Screenshot: http://vip2006.net/vsaddin.png

  • Got answer from mailinglist. If someone has the same problem, here is what Haataja Ismo said:

    bq. I guess you are using pretty fresh Qt5 to get this error? Reason for error is that there no more is 'mkspecs/default' folder under Qt5. Addin supposes there is and gives the error message. I think only way to fix this for now is to create 'default' folder and 'qmake.conf' file into it.
    So, in your case, you should first create folder 'C:/QT/QT5_X86_GIT/qtbase/mkspecs/default'
    And then into that folder a file named 'qmake.conf' having content like this:
    QMAKESPEC_ORIGINAL = C:/QT/QT5_X86_GIT/qtbase/mkspecs/win32-msvc2010
    This problem will be corrected in Add-in 1.2.0 beta2 that is out very soon after Qt5 beta2 is out.

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