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Testing Qt5 Beta2 release snapshots

  • I tried to build Qt5 Beta2 "latest successful" snapshot today on Mac OS X 10.7.4 (Lion). It didn't complete the make -j4, it finished midway through qtbase. It didn't error, it just said there was nothing more to do for first, and the build ended.

    Is reporting cutting-edge build issue found by users encouraged? For instance, is it encouraged to join the "releasing" mailing list and report such build issues?

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    Definitely, but you need to have some concrete things to tell the developers.

    First I would suggest compiling it again without the -j option - maybe it's just make error. Trying out git head is a good idea, too.

    Issues should be reported to development mailing list or to JIRA if you are sure you have found a bug.

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