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How to control QtSDK paths in qmake-generated Windows project?

  • Hi,

    My Qt application has a .pro file, and I use "qmake -tp vc" to auto-generate a Visual Studio project file for it. In the resulting VS project file, some of the paths to the QtSDK are relative (i.e. ....\QtSDK...) and some are absolute (i.e. C:\QtSDK...).

    This requires that all developers who compile the application from the VS project file have the SDK installed in the same location and have their view of the SVC code tree at the same path depth relative to the SDK.

    Is there any way to have greater control over how qmake points to the QtSDK in the project files it generates? I'd really like all paths to be relative, but I'd settle for them all being absolute. It's the combination which is most problematic.


    • Eric

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