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Qt 4.4 and gif plugin

  • Hi, I white VS2005 project using qt 4.4 (dynamic)
    I need to show animated gif image
    I found Qt\4.4.3\plugins\imageformats qgif4.dll and qgifd4.dll and copy it to my bin dirrecory, where i store QtCore4.dll and others.
    I whote:
    @QPluginLoader qgifLoader("D:\project\trunk\bin\qgifd4.dll");
    bool t = qgifLoader.load(); // returns true@

    but QImageReader::supportedImageFormats() returns "bmp; pbm; pgm; png; ppm; xbm; xpm;"
    what i should I do?

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    Put the dlls in the \bin\imageformats\ subdirectory and they will be picked up by Qt. No QPluginLoader is required to use them with QImageReader.

  • thanks. It works! Alife! Alife!

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