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QT Assistant: Windows error running a collection previously working on QT 4.7.3

  • Hi all
    Windows XP, 32 bit machine, QT 4.8.3 and then 4.7.3

    We have developed one year ago an online help using MadCap Flare and we moved the output to QT 4.7.3. Created the files .qhp and .qhcp and some command DOS file to run the compiling.
    Evething worked perfectly.

    Now we have resumed the project. Installed the 4.8.3, moved the files below the bin folder..and at the beginning we had "no file found" in everypage.

    So we decided to downgrade to the older 4.7.3.

    Now we compile and register the .qch and it works. When we create the .qhc is fine too, but if we run assistan as " .\assistant -collectionFile projectr.qhc" we got a Windows error.

    Checking the variou bug report we:

    • removed the folder C:\Documents and Settings\vilma\Impostazioni locali\Dati applicazioni\Trolltech\Assistant
    • looked for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Trolltech\Qt Assistant to delete it but we cannot find it.

    In Linux seemed that they fixed the bug ( in 4.8.3-2.. But in Windows??

    Thank you a lot

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