Remote Database Connection

  • I'm with a project, and this project with this way.

    At the company has some employees where each employee gets an application (client) that inserts, changes, deletes, data from the database which is in another location.

    On the server has an application (server) that receives commands from officers.


    For example, the employee sends a command called.


    The server already recognizes this command, and the server already has a query that makes the query on the database and returns the data.

    But in return he sends an object from the database to the client manipulate that data, Instead of returning only the data

    Is this possible?

    I found two examples in Qt, a database and another called "Fortuner", which sends commands to the server, and the server returns a message.

    The difference is that instead of the server sending a message, it sends an object database.

  • I think you have 2 ways for to do this. A first way: connecting directly to the database and use stored procedures.
    A second way (that I use often), write a http daemon to run in the server side that is connected to the database. The clients use http - xml requests to get information from the server.

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