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Notification based on tags?

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    I am working on Qt Creator, so my main interest here is to help with issues with the tool and to find out what people think about it, etc. I am wondering how I can keep up with the ever increasing number of posts.

    Could you please add a way to follow tags? Like having a page listing all contents on devnet marked with a certain tag (or better one of a set of tags) that were added/modified since I last visited. Would it be possible to add something like this? Maybe have a way to notify on tag add/removal events, too.

  • Tobias, good idea. Maybe rss feed also.

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    tamhanna: True, but someone will tag the stuff. It does not really matter whether it is the author or somebody else.

  • tamhanna, you are not right. At least me, Tobias and Chetankjain tag stuff a lot. And I know some other users too.

  • tamhanna, and what? At least me make activity here not because of points (but they are reason too, hehe).

  • tamhanna, tagging was ok before project elf. Don't see any reasons why it should be not ok after project elf.

  • tamhanna, taggin worked all the time before project elf. It will do afterwards, too. There are some very active users who read almost every post and adjust the tags. No need to worry about that topic.

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