[SOLVED] QT 4.8.3 Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) QHttp/QNetworkAccessManager

  • Hi,

    I've just installed Qt 4.8.3 on my Mac and I have small problem with including QHttp or QNetworkAccessManager.
    I can see QNetworkAccessManager in /Library/Frameworks/ but when I am trying do add it in header file IDE is giving me error :/

    Can anyone tell me how to install corectly QT on Mac?
    Previously installer was installing IDE in a specific folder and everything was working fine, but now I am little confuesd, especialy that I am not keen on in Qt (not yet ;) ).


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    What is the error that the IDE is giving you?

  • #include <QHttp>
    .../myjson.h:5: błąd:QHttp: No such file or directory

    #include <QNetworkAccessManager>
    .../myjson.h:5: błąd:QNetworkAccessManager: No such file or directory

    but file is located in:

  • I found that if I do in that way:

    #ifndef MYJSON_H
    #define MYJSON_H

    #include <QObject>
    //#include "QNetworkAccessManager"

    #include "/Library/Frameworks/QtNetwork.framework/Versions/4/Headers/qhttp.h"

    class myJson

    public slots:
    int getJsonFromUrl(QString aJsonURL);


    #endif // MYJSON_H

    then project is going to compile, but I don't think that is the correct solution :(

  • Does anyone has any idea?
    I've installed Qt from pkg installer in order:

    1. qt-mac-opensource-4.8.3-debug-libs.dmg
    2. qt-mac-opensource-4.8.3.dmg
    3. qt-creator-mac-opensource-2.5.2.dmg

    maybe this generates my problems??

  • Ok - I got it ;-)

    I've just installed qt 1.2.1 and there in QTCreater intelli sense hints this:
    #include <QtNetwork/QHttp>
    #include <QtNetwork/QNetworkAccessManager>

    and this is it ;-)

    For me topic is solved ;)

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    Glad you were able to figure it out! Apparently nobody had anything helpful to offer. I was at a loss, so I didn't comment. Hopefully your solution will help anyone else with a similar problem. Thanks for posting it.

    Be sure and edit your initial post to add [Solved] to the title.

  • I know that topic is solved but I've found better and more correct way to solve the case ;-)

    In file *.pro we need to add line:
    @QT += network@

    and then in our module/header file we can use:

    @ #include <QNetworkAccessManager>
    #include <QUrl>@

    In this way compilation is correct and we are not given strange errors ;-)

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    Oh yes... that's obviously the cause. So simple it never occurred to me that you might not have done that. Sorry about that.

  • It's ok ;-) I'am newbie and I didn't do the most basic thing: RTFM ;)
    I looked in example with http and the solution was so clear ad easy to find.

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