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[SOLVED] Qt Creator very slow

  • Hi,

    I am using Qt 4.7.3 and Qt Creator on a linux hub machine. I was having issues while installing Qt 4.8, so I installed QtSDK with Qt4.7 and QtCreator 2.2.1. This version of Qt Creator runs fine.

    Now I want to get the latest release source code of Qt Creator, and compile it. And problems begin - it is very slow.

    I have tried to compile Qt Creator 2.4, and it is also slow.
    I have tried to compile Qt Creator 2.2, and - it is fast.

    When I say slow, I mean editor is slow. When I want to scroll document down, it takes him around 0.5-1 second to redraw entire screen. In Qt Creator 2.2 it is very fast.

    What is wrong. How do I make it run faster. I have tried starting it (in command line) with:

    ./qtcreator -graphicssystem raster

    and (2.6 compiled source) is still slow

    When I do:

    ./qtcreator -graphicssystem opengl

    he returns error saying

    using visual class 4, id 39
    QPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap
    QPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap
    Segmentation fault

    How to make Qt Creator 2.6 run fast as 2.2 does?


  • I was able to fix it by using:

    ./qtcreator -graphicssystem native

    it is funny how you fight against the probelm for 2 days, then post a question, then in 5 minutes you figure out the solution.

  • I have similar problem with QtCreator 2.6.2 on Windows 7 platform. Working on a file with more than 5000 lines typing text becomes slow motion. One would need to wait for the text to appear. Visual Studio and even Notepad++ (based on Scintilla) is lighting fast even on large files. I have 6 core 3.2Ghz CPU, 16GB RAM and QtCreator is using a nill out of it during runtime. I tried to run with option "-graphicssystem native" but I get an error dialog with available options in which graphicssystem is absent.

    Any help how to speed up QtCreator on Windows?

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