[Solved] Multiple rows filling

  • Hi,

    I am building a simple application where a user can fill a table with numbers. The table is quite large and complete rows can be filled with the same number.

    I am trying to get the interface to fill multiple rows, but I need to understand some things before I can do that. I read the documentation, but there are still some things that aren't clear. This is where you can help me.

    1. What is the difference between <QTableWidget> and <QTableView> ?

    2. Then what is the difference between selectedItems () and selectedIndexes() ? If I created a tableWidget can I use both function?

    Thanks for your help

  • I advice u by reading Chapter 8:Displaying Data Using “Interview”
    at book: The Book of Qt 4 The Art of Building Qt Applications

    this chapter will answer all ur questions.

  • Ok.. thanks.. will do.

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