How to generate memory leak by QString and other implicit sharing data structure

  • QString and many data structure of Qt are implicit sharing

    How could I make their memory leak?

    Circular dependency would cause memory leak if it is shared_ptr
    Would QString and other QString like data structure in Qt memory leak too?
    I want to know how to make the memory of QString leak, so I would not fall
    into the trap of it.

  • I rarely have to deal with the problem of memory leak since we have
    stl like container, smart pointer, destructor and QObject to handle the
    memory for us.But I am still curious how could I make memory leak by
    QString like data structure in Qt.There should be some way to do it?

    QObject is the same, I always use write some codes like this

    QPushButton *button = new QPushButton(this);

    This is the way recommended by Qt community
    What kind of trap do it have?

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