Could I observe the assembly by QtCreator?

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    int main()
    const int a = factorial(0);

    return 0;


    I would like to look at the assembly codes generate by the gcc(release version)
    Do QtCreator has some function could let me observe it?Thanks

  • Two Ideas:

    1. In QtCreator (I use 2.5) go to Debug menu and enable "Operate by instruction". This will show you the disassembly and you can step through the instructions.

    2. You may want to use 'objdump -D' to generate a disassembled version of your whole application. This is no QtCreator feature, however. But it's contained in the SDK's MinGW release für command line use.

  • Hi, try :
    gcc -s your_code.c
    You will get the assembly program (known as the intermediate code or also the target code ) : your_code.s

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