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[N9] TextInput don't trigger virtual keyboard

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm trying to create an mobile application. But i have a problem with TextInput, I get no virtual keyboard whn i "click" inside it.
    Do i have to add something more to trigger the keyboard.

    I've played around a bit with activeFocusOnPress and focus without success

    Update: This had notting to do with Qt Quick, it's my ssh launch script that for some reason messes with the ability to show keyboard. Feel free to close/remove this

    Rectangle {
    id: background
    color: "#FFFFFF"

        width: parent.width-30
        height: 60
        border.width: 2
        border.color: "#000000"
        radius: 10
        smooth: true
        TextInput {
            id: input
            color: "#888888"
            font.pixelSize: 40
            text: "Hello"
            width: parent.width-16
            anchors.centerIn: parent


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