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How to cross-compile Qt Designer for the ARM board?

  • How to cross compile the QT Designer for ARM Board...?

  • You don't need to cross compile Qt Designer to use it for ARM. Qt Designer is the program that you run in your computer. It then generates UI files that are later translated to C++ code, and then compiled to ARM, so you don't need a Qt Designer for ARM in any case.

  • hi disperso....i'm in festive for a week...

    Actually i'm not trying to cross compile QT designer... trying to cross compile librarys....I created a plugin and used in Qt creater without any problem.. but when try to do it in my Embedded IDE,it showed error as below...

    Description Resource Path Location Type skipping incompatible /usr/local/DigiEL-5.6/x-tools/arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi/arm-cortex_a8-linux-@gnueabi//sys-root/usr/lib/ when searching for -lQtDesigner @QMaxRadioButton C/C++ Problem

    kindly go through...

  • I'm not understanding what are you doing. What kind of plugin are you creating? A Qt Designer plugin? Also, what do you mean by "my Embedded IDE"? Are you using 2 environments for different targets? Qt Creator can be used for as many targets as you want.

    See for example:

    Provide some more information if you can.

  • The plugin i created is the customized radiobutton widget(.so) and plugged in QT Creater Widget box.but to use it in my project i need it to be plugged in Digi Embedded IDE that i'm using.

    I'm using Qt creater for design and coding....Digi Embedded IDE( for cross compile and loading.....

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