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How can i make my app secure when i deploying a setup on desktop

  • hi,all,
    when i will deployed my app on desktop,.
    my setup only contain some files below:
    for example:
    anybody will install the setup on their computers based on windows(or lunix,mac).
    there is a secure problem for these files(app.exe,myplugin1.dll,myplugin2.dll.....).

    these files can be modified .
    for example:
    you can modify the dll named "QtCore4.dll" with your opensource qt sdk.
    so you can using your own QtCore4.dll modifed with your hobbyhorse code instead of my QtCore4.dll.
    then my application will be not secure.

    how can i make these files that is not modified when setup them to others pc.
    i think there is a common problem for your app deploying.

    i know a later sign with .net framewrok on window.
    is qt offer a secure method ?????

  • I don't think it's that easy to mod QtCore... If you fear such thing, might as well make yourself your own independence library.

    btw, I think you could sign with Qt commercial SDK,

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    What threads to you want to protect your code against?

    Code running on a computer that a user has full access to is never secure. The user can always change your binary directly, too.

  • What’s about creating checksums for the related files and check them during application start?
    This will increase your security at least a little bit ... but as Tobias wrote before

    bq. The user can always change your binary directly, too

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