QT 4.8.3: Cannot build documentation

  • I have managed to successfully build QT 4.8.3 (from qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.zip), using GCC 4.7.1 running under Windows 7.

    But I am unable to "make docs". When I try, I get a lot of errors like:

    @C:/Qt/4.8.3/src/declarative/util/qdeclarativesystempalette.cpp:59: Cannot link to 'QPalette' in SystemPalette@

    With the final error being:

    @Invalid number of parameters
    mingw32-make: *** [qch_docs] Error 4@

    I have tried using both mingw32-make and nmake (as suggested by the wiki here), as well as trying to run qdoc3 "manually", and none of the 3 methods work.

    Is it possible to build the documentation for 4.8.3?

  • I think it you will install whole package available in qt website then you can get the inbuilt documentation.

    You can browse below web.


  • May be "ihall_mps" is doing this for learning purpose.

  • Actually, what was suggested by DJain doesn't work.

    I installed the QT 4.8.3 (MinGW 4.4) package, copied the documentation, and uninstalled the package. I then copied the documentation to my own QT 4.8.3 build (which as noted, used GCC 4.7.1).

    assistant still crashes.

    So its obvious to me you need to build the documentation when building the package.

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