PageStack smaller than Screen Size on N9

  • Hello,

    I'm working on a prototype application which will run on an N9. the screen size we are targeting is lower resolution than the n9 device.

    target: 240x320
    N9: 480X854

    I'd like to use the pagestack for its built in breadcrumb and animation capabilities, but have been not been able to figure out a way to create a smaller active window, pages are always fullscreen. Suggestions would be warmly appreciated....

    as it stands now I'm thinking i'll have to use a loader{}, and make my own breadcumbs... and just forget about screen transitions...

    Is there a way to resize the pagestack?

  • You can put a PageStack inside an Item that is scaled down. Does this thing work?
    Item {
    scale: 0.3
    PageStack {

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