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QMobiltiy Api is not present in QT 4.7

  • Hi,

    I downloaded and install QT SDK which supports Qmobilty. But when I am trying to run any bluetooth demos like "Bluettooth Chat" then at the compile time it is giving error that "qbluetoothsocket.h" is not present. no such file or directory.

    Is that mean QMobiltiy hasn't install with QTSDK. It it is like that then how can I install QMobility.


  • What operating system are you using?

  • I am using Ubuntu 10.04. But now I have install QMobility sapratly, after that QMobiltiy has install but still is not looking stable. Many of places I found segmentation fault.

    Many examples is working perfectly but most of the bluetooth examples is creating problem, like Bluetooth Chat, Bluetooth Ping Pong game (These two I checked many times).

    Shall I wait for the next release of QMobilty.

  • Hi, Now BTChat example is not getting crash. My Bluetooth stack was not running, that's why that problem occurred.
    I am still checking further.

  • Hello DJain,

    What did you do for the Bluetooth examples ?
    I am having problems running the examples on windows OS. I've installed QtSDK with Qt Creator 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4, but all of the Bluetooth examples are not working fine :(

    Any advice ?

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