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Add external signal on QAction

  • Hello,

    is there some possibility to add new signal to the QAction? With QPushButton you can do it easily but QAction does not know any signals except the pre defined signals.

  • Tell us more about what are you trying to achieve.

    Anyway generic answers are: you can derive from QAction class and add the functionality you need, but first look at the "signals that are already there": - maybe what you need is already there.

    Also you can connect signal to signal - so triggered signal can trigger one of your signals.

  • By clicking on open icon on the toolbar I want to call another class, which is done in the slot.
    QAction* openAct = new QAction(QIcon(":/images/open.png"), tr("&Open..."), this);
    openAct->setStatusTip(tr(" an existing file"));
    connect(openAct, SIGNAL(setName(QString)), this, SLOT(callTheClass(QString)));

    The problem is the signal: setName(QString) is not accepted by QAction

  • This doesn't make a lot of sense. The QAction indeed doesn't have a setName(QString) signal, but also it has no way to know what the name should be.

    However, I guess what you could do, is create a QAction-derived class that shows a file open dialog that allows you to select a file, and then emit a signal with the selected file name. However, I think this is the wrong place to put this functionality.

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