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FAQ doesn't include any topic on QML

  • Have noticed that FAQ doesn't have any section on QML or Qt for Symbian. Would like to get a set of official FAQ for QML and Qt for Symbian.

  • There is that should answer some questions. Also, we would need a set of questions before we can come up with answers to them :) Some questions that might be worth answering:

    • What is the minimum required Qt version required for QML?
    • Is Qt Quick / QML working on Symbian?
    • When will QML be available on Symbian?
    • Where can I download Qt 4.7 development packages for Symbian?
    • Are QML-based applications supported in Ovi Store?
    • Can I use other languages than C++ to write QML apps?
    • How can I get native user interface elements from the current platform in QML?

  • Agreed there is wiki and forum to help anyone get answers to look for. But since there is a FAQ section - someone should update it.

  • A wise man (probably from China) once said:

    Find the F - and the AQ will follow.

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