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Filedialog customization

  • hello there, I am trying to customize non native file dialog of qt. I want to get rid of delete context menu and add one of my own context menu "Hide" I am able to find the listView object via findChild but i can not figure out how to remove "delete"(keep other context menu) and add my own little menu.
    I also want to add icon preview (but will do it latter)

    can any one help plese

  • To find/access the properties of the file dialog individual widgets, you could use the "Squish": tool that is able to do runtime introspection of QWidget trees. That could be useful to find the right properties that allow you to find the widgets you want to make disappear.

  • I am able to find listView but can not find QAction "delete". using findChild.

    By the way I wrote to this forum because I dont want to use excellent/stupid Tools to do my work. more over I always thought this forum is Free from Spam/marketing stuff.
    Sounds like things are changing.

    Can any other Qt expert give me some real suggestion ( Qt way of doing this)??

  • Sorry for trying to help you solve your problem. I am not affiliated in anyway with Squish and I just find it useful for that type of work. Now if you are just too full of yourself to accept a honest hint into a possible solution, you are probably not in the right place.

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