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Removal of empty wiki subcategories

  • Where is the place where Wiki subcategories are defined? In the case of the category Category:LanguageBindings::PySide::Downloads::MeeGo, there are no pages associated with it, and even if there would be, they coud just as well be put into the two categories Category:LanguageBindings::PySide::MeeGo and Category:LanguageBindings::PySide::Downloads, making the Downloads::MeeGo category unnecessary.

    Is there any chance to get the "Downloads::MeeGo" category removed?

  • These I believe were created initially as placeholders. It seems only administrators can edit and remove that.

  • So can I just post a list of unnecessary/deprecated categories here and have them removed (possibly with an explanation why)? Or do I need to file a bug report against QTWEBSITE?

  • thp, simply post them here. I don't think that issues in tracker for each such category will be ok :)

  • [quote author="thp" date="1291367504"]So can I just post a list of unnecessary/deprecated categories here and have them removed (possibly with an explanation why)? Or do I need to file a bug report against QTWEBSITE?[/quote]

    No need to raise a bug report. Probably you can notify them here - admin will probably take care of that.

  • I hereby request the removal of the following categories:


    Reason: See initial post - Posts that would fit into this category can be put in PySide::Downloads and PySide::MeeGo, making this category unnecessary. There is also the Wiki page [[PySideBinariesMeeGo]] which basically is the page for MeeGo Downloads of PySide.

  • If the category pages are empty they actually don't exist yet.

    Like http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Category:LanguageBindings::PySide::Downloads::Amiga500 doesn't exist but shows you the "This article is empty. Start it!" text, but if you click edit and save, it will exist (and can thus be deleted).

    Or did I misinterpret the issue?

  • [quote author="mariusg" date="1291371365"]If the category pages are empty they actually don't exist yet.[/quote]

    What I mean is that for example on this wiki page:


    If you view the source, you see that the "Subcategories" part is not hardcoded (because it can be deducted from the namespace that something is a subcategory). Still, the link to the (empty) wiki page (Downloads, MeeGo) exists, so I don't know how I can remove the link from the overview.

    Maybe categories should not exist until the first page gets categorized into them?

  • Ah, gotcha, we shall have a look.

  • what about changing the category visualisytion from

    There are 3 subcategories for this category

    • Downloads
      ** MeeGo
    • MeeGo
    • Shiboken


    There are 3 subcategories for this category

    • MeeGo (in Downloads)
    • MeeGo
    • Shiboken


    Displaing a link to a non-existing Downloads category description seems absolutly wiki to me.

  • There are some empty categories:

    • Category:QtDevelopment::General::BuildQtForLinux
    • Category:QtDevelopment::General::BuildStaticQtForWindowsWithGcc
    • Category:QtDevelopment::General::BuildStaticQtForWindowsWithGccGerman

    Can you please delete them?

  • Again about http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Category:LanguageBindings::PySide It says that it has 3 subcategoriesm but doesn't display them at all now.

  • Hi there, I want to delete "this":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/developer.qt.nokia.comwikiHow_to_bind_a_QML_property_to_a_CPlusPlus_function page I erroneously created :-s, to whom do I have to request?

    I also saw that we are advised to create Language to categories:

    • Category:QtDevelopment::General::Build_Qt_For_Linux
    • Category:QtDevelopment::General::Build_Static_Qt_For_Windows_With_Gcc
    • Category:QtDevelopment::General::Build_Static_Qt_For_Windows_With_Gcc_German
    • Category:German::QtDevelopment::General::Build_Qt_For_Linux
    • Category:German::QtDevelopment::General::Build_Static_Qt_For_Windows_With_Gcc
    • Category:German::QtDevelopment::General::Build_Static_Qt_For_Windows_With_Gcc_German

    But I am sort of new to it and I don't want to make more mistakes, so is it correct?


  • Hey!

    I deleted the wiki page for you. If you make mistakes, you can simply report the page along with a meaningful comment with our reporting option that you find connected to every piece of content. We receive a notification by email and then moderate the content if needed. :)

    If you want to translate articles it's best to stick to this scheme:

    bq. Category:Foo::Bar::I_Am_Your_Page_German

    We started with titles in CamelCase but it turned out to work better with underscores.

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