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[Suggestion] New Project Wizard back button

  • In Creator at present,


    1. start off to create a new project, the new Project/file wizard opens up
    2. It first asks me to pick a template, and I do it
    3. The corresponding dialog continues asking for name, location. There is no back button here to go back and change template
    4. But the next page from here, provides a Back button to come back to the name/location page ...

    So if I make a mistake and select wrong template in step 3, (definitely a common occurrence), I have to close the wizard and start all over again. Providing a back button for step 3 above would be very useful!

  • Well the way I see it is that the Wizard starts after you select a template.
    I see the Template selection as an extension of the New Project menu.
    If you want to choose a new Template, most likely all the information you entered will not relate to another Template (this is where they are disjoint), so it's safe to just close the Wizard and go back to the menu.

    You are suggesting that the Template be part of the Wizard instead?

  • [quote author="xsacha" date="1291356195"]
    You are suggesting that the Template be part of the Wizard instead?[/quote]


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