How to deal with keyboard or "Qt and OSG"

  • Hello!

    I'm newbie with Qt, and experiencing one problem I cannot deal with for, like, a month. The situation is like this:
    I've OpenSceneGraph project (which is OpenGL) and trying to make Qt interface inside the 3d scene. I think its not necessary how I deal with that, but if someone wants to know more "here": is thread with more info on OSG forum (though I didnt get solution there). The problem is, when any key on keyboard is clicked, Qt controls jump around the screen and dont react on any (mouse or keyboard) events anymore. The entire program continues to work, though.
    To summarize, my question is like: is there a way to make Qt widgets ignore all keypresses?
    I've searched a lot, but couldnt find any working solution.

    Thanks in advance!

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