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[SOLVED]Remote 3G client connecting to server

  • Hello, i am working on a client-server application.

    The client is running on a 32bit windows7 laptop.
    The client have to take frames from 4 different USB webcams, and save them on local hard drive (i managed to do this by using opencv library). And the frames have to be sent to a server too.

    Now on the server side: the rever is running on 32bit windows7. The frames are received from the client, and are saved on local hard drive. All these works ok when both, client and server are on the same local area network (both of them are connected to the same router).

    The problem is that i need the client to be remote. The client will connect to internet using a 3G wireless stick (which is provided from a phone company). Now, the client and server are not on the local network any more.

    Is there any way to make this possible using qt? I am really stuck on this issue. Thanks in advance.

  • Don't really get you... You can't connect to the server because it is below firewall or NAT? You can use then dyndns service and configure your router to throughput specified port to the destination(server).

    Is this your problem?

  • I don't know exactly where is the problem and i don't have much experience with network programming. I don't know if this is important, the server is still connected to the same router when the client is trying to connect to the server using the 3G wireless. Thanks for answering !

  • If server have external IP, there will be no problem with connection between 2 parts... Only if it is below router you will need to throughput connection to server somehow... easiest way is to use dyndns service if your router supports it...

  • There is nothing Qt relevant in this situation... Only network components should play together... thats all...

  • Problem solved. I found out that in this network is a computer with an external address... thanks for your help :)

  • Please add "[SOLVED]" prefix left to the topic subject. Thanks!

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