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Installation laggs realy bad

  • Hello, i am currently new to linux and qt creator stuff. I made a dual boot and my swap is 8gb big (my ram is 8gb). Now i wanted to install QT Creator i downloaded QT Creator Linux/X11 64-bit installation. Then i clicked properties to allow file executable and enable read and write. Before installation i installed g++, and then wanted to install QT Creator i choose default folder and click next then my installation starts lagging complete computer, and installation seems like it is minimizing, then i need to restart my computer cause it laggs unbeliveable bad.

    So what should i do to solve this?

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    What distribution are we talking about here? Which version of Qt Creator have you downloaded (current newest on "qt-project.org/downloads":https://qt-project.org/downloads or something else)? This is strange, never had that issue myself.

    PS. QT == Quick Time. The framework's name is Qt.

  • Yes thath one Linux/X11 64-bit: at qt-project.org

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