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Reaction time to submitted BUG

  • Hello guys,
    I'm just interesting: How long does it approximately took, till your BUG was reviewed/approved?

  • It depends on the severity and the size of the audience affected. I have submitted reports beeing acknowledged and fixed in an instant, and i still receive update notifications for reports I've submitted months ago.

    If you need guaranteed support you might consider buying a commercial license.

  • Sure, commercial license is a big thing.. Have got it planned for the next year in the firm I'm working for...

  • Also keep in mind that everyone is currently working towards the Qt 5 release.

    This doesn't mean that there are no bugs resolved (a quick look at JIRA statistics shows that in the last 90 days over 1000 issues have been solved), but there might be a extended response time.

  • It is understandable, was just interesting how quick it goes now...
    ~3 years ago it was reviewed on the same day :)

  • I for one will look at bugs assigned to me at least once a day. I might not update the issues, but I am well aware of what is happening in my area of the bug tracker:-) Since I sometimes forget to accept issues that might or might not be visible to the reporter though.

    How long it takes to fix an issue is an entirely different story. Some issues are fixed in minutes, others I have in my todo list right now were opened before I even joined the Qt Creator team! Those are low-priority things I'd like to see done at some point, but things that I will most likely never get round to actually implement... If somebody wants to pick up the slack: Feel free to grab any low level issues in the bug tracker and send in patches:)

    In case you have not noticed: You can get pretty diagrams straight from the bug tracker... Just add gadgets to your dashboard.

  • I will look at low-priority issues, maybe I can help with something... :)

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