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Replace "Firefox + NoScript + ImgLikeOpera" with QtWebKit + PySide

  • Here is the intended setup on QtWebKit which is copied from Firefox + NoScript + ImageLikeOpera:

    • Disable automatic Image loading

    • Disable automatic JavaScript loading. (Add java, flash, etc if you like)

    • Point your browser to url of your choice.

    • On QtWebView, right click on an image's placeholder which is not loaded. Click on "Load Image" context menu item. (That is; load any image from network on demand.)

    • Have a "Load/Run JavaScripts" button on app window. Load them from network when you need.

    (Or have a more fine grained control over domain/path patterns for which loading is allowed or disallowed. Depending how you like your filtering framework. Sky is the limit...

    NOTE THAT, this post does not request a full solution. Request is only for QWebView, web elements, NetworkManager, etc hooks and friends...)

    You can occasionally see comments like below on various blogs/bugtrackers/forums/flames/etc:

    "Firefox is bloated. However, I have no choice other than FF + NoScript + ImgLikeOpera for my bandwidth constrained connection."

    That is also my case. So I'm building a custom browser with QtWebkit + PySide + Python3.2.

    But I am stuck, somewhat similar to this:
    Manipulate all HTTP Requests:

    The solution wouldnt be that low level.
    If QWebView or image elements had functions for this, it would be elegant.

    I guess WebKit has posibilities for this, but simply Qt/PySide didnt expose them. I may be wrong. But in any case I kindly request your comments.

    Thanks in advance,

  • QtWebkit has something in QWebSettings, although I'm not sure how to properly implement such "on-demand loading". Try asking on the qt-interest mailing list.

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