Squish compilation on win 7 64bit - msvc9 - python 2.7 - Qt 4.6.2

  • Hi Qt people,

    maybe it should not be posted here, but i didn't find any other possibility. The squish mailing list is very silent ^^ or the question boring =)

    i’m really new to building squish.

    I configured my built with qt 4 (on windows 7) and all options enabled except the wrappers, idl and examples.

    Why is dllpreload and for e.g. extrawindowwatcher not built? Any idea? Do I have to set an extra flag somewhere during the configuration?

    Also only the classic ide is built. What about the new one which is, I think, eclipse based? I saw that “eclipse IDE” in version 4.1.2…

    Hope somebody can give me a tip =)

    By the way: can you suggest any squish forum, in the case, that my post shouldn't be placed here...?

    Thanks and best regards, Simon

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