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Qt SDK: Update of "Offline Installer" Installation

  • Hello all (first post :-) ),

    I wanted to install the Qt SDK (OS: Win7-64 Bit) with the MinGW toolchain, however, using the online installer the process stopped during the installation because of a failed connection to the repository, I think. I forgot the detailed error message (I clicked retry but the installer exited shortly after that), but after that error had occurred 2-3 times I downloaded the full offline installer. This one contains old versions of some files (e.g. the Qt Creator). But updating via the installer - or, in case of Qt Creator, via the "Start Updater" menu entry - did not work. So I am thinking about how to update my installation:

    1. Change the repository URL in the Online Installer settings and try to install again with the online installer. Here a Nokia URL is still the default, but I could not find an alternative on the web.
    2. Wait for Qt5 (I am doing my first baby steps with Qt, so it probably wouldn't harm to do that with a not 100% up-to-date version of Qt4.x for the time being) which might include an all new installer (online or offline) and maybe a new repository outside Nokia.

    What should I do to get an up-to-date Qt SDK installation? (I do not have the time to build it myself, because time is precious here at work :-) ).

    Best regards

    EDIT: I installed the SDK successfully at home using the online installer, so it might just have been a temporary hickup of the repository, or a connection problem here at work, but the error always occurred after >1 hour of downloading, so I do not have the patience to try it another time ...

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    The SDK was maintained by Nokia, for more than 6 months it was not updated, and now Digia has acquired Qt, so things may be a bit hacky at the moment, as they are trying to sort out the whole transition. I am not sure Digia will continue the LGPL SDK, but if so it might indeed take some time until they do. In the meantime, the best course of action for beginners is probably to download Qt Creator and Qt libraries separately (links are in the download section, below the SDK).

  • Thanks! I will update the components separately then.

    Getting a bit OT:
    From what I read on tech news sites it sounded clear to me that the licensing will not change; however, your statement " I am not sure Digia will continue the LGPL SDK" makes me wonder. I read a minute ago and it sounds there will be no change in the license, which would mean from my understanding that the open source SDK will persist. But I am not a QT insider, have there been further developments, or maybe, do I misunderstand something?

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    You misunderstood, or I phrased it wrongly, or both :D

    Licensing will not change. However, the SDK is different than Qt libraries and Qt Creator - it's a meta package with updater and (in Nokia times) additional components. Digia maintains it's own SDK, but it's for commercial users only.

    What I meant is that I'm not sure they will continue to release the freely available SDK that Nokia used to provide. They probably will, but I simply don't know and am not aware of any announcements in that regard. Separate packages (Qt Creator installer, Qt libraries installer) will continue (already do, in fact) to be released, and there will be no licensing change there (apart from copyright owner change).

  • Ok yes then I misunderstood, you meant the SDK as a comprehensive downloadable file, and at the same time the willingness of the new owner to invest time into creating such a package, paying the download bandwidth etc. ).

    Thanks and best regards.

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