All mobile operating systems Qt can develop for?

  • Hello, I would like to know all (or at least an idea) the Qt SDK can develop for.

  • Moderators has all the information you need. The SDK was unfortunately not updated in a long time, you might want to update individual components (Qt for desktop and Qt Creator) manually. The support for Nokia devices is up to date in the Nokia Qt SDK.

    In addition to the Qt SDK done by Nokia there is a Necessitas SDK for android development (IIRC in beta state). There was some talk about an iOS port a while back, but I am not aware of the state of that. All these are based on Qt4.

    With Qt5 the picture will change: Symbian support was dropped in Qt5. Digia announced that they want to see Android and iOS officially supported when they took over many of the Qt developers from Nokia. I assume that there will be a Qt5 SDK eventually, but I do not know which platforms that is going to support out of the box.

  • Moderators

    Apart from desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows), it is:

    • Wayland
    • Win CE
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Symbian
    • MeeGo
    • BlackBerry OS
    • and any other provided you have a QPA plugin for it

    Not all of the above are covered by Qt SDK itself, some are external projects, and others will be available in the upcoming Qt5 release.

    EDIT: ah, Tobias was quicker and more thorough with his reply :)

  • iOS? Android? How do I do that? As in, do I need to install other frameworks or other components? OR can I do this right 'out-of-the-box' with Qt?

    IF I need other stuff to work with these could you maybe provide a link?

    By the way, I have Qt4.

  • Support for Android and Blackberry10/QNX will be in the upcoming Qt-Creator version 2.6.
    Infos can be found on the wiki:

    For iOS there are two ports afaik one of them is a commercial one. Not sure how well they work.

  • iOS does work great, I tested it with QGraphicsView, you have to contact Qt4iOS or here

    search for "Qt4iOS"

    This is about the commercial version

  • Here is a link to Qt4iOS

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