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File transfer with QtcpSocket

  • Hello,
    I transfer a file using QtcpSocket in client/server application. But, the recieved file is mosdified: a line in the begin is added. For example, if the client send this file: C:/users/administrator/desktop/file.txt , the server recieved the file.txt which is modified by addind the C:/users/administrator/desktop/file.txt in its beginning when it was sent. How can i resolve this problem, and the recieved file will have the same content of the file sent, and without modification please:
    This is function to send the file from the client:
    @void FenClient::on_sendbuttom_clicked()
    QString nomFichier =lineEdit->text();
    QFile file(nomFichier);
    qDebug() << "Error file can't be opened ! !";

        QByteArray bytes = file.readAll();
        QByteArray block;
        QDataStream out(&bytes, QIODevice::WriteOnly);
        out << (quint32)0;
        out << nomFichier;
        out << bytes;
        out << quint32((bytes.size() -sizeof(quint32)));
        qDebug() << "Etat : envoi en cours...";
         listeMessages->append("Etat :sending...");
            qDebug() << "[Connex]Fichier "<<nomFichier<<" envoyé !";


    and the function for recieving the file by the server:
    @void FenServeur::dataRecieved()
    QTcpSocket *socket = qobject_cast<QTcpSocket *>(sender());

    QString filename="out.ddd";

    QFile file(filename);
    qDebug("File cannot be opened.");
    qDebug("File created.");

        QByteArray read = socket->read(socket->bytesAvailable());
        qDebug() << "Read    : " << read.size();


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