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Qt UI issue with Mac OSX

  • Hi,
    I have one application which runs on both Windows and Mac OSX.Both have same code base. In my application I am showing Image Tiles on main screen. There are around 400-500 such tiles. To display in matrix what I have done is that I have created number of Horizontal Layout and added Max 3 Image tile in one layout.I have added number of such HLayout to my main view. So it will display all tiles in matrix form where number of columns are three. Now for windows it is working fine but on Mac OSX when I scroll down screen as there are number of rows, then after number of rows image is not properly displayed on remaining tiles. There are partial image and if I try to scrolldown further it crashes. By RnD I found that if I restrict my number of tiles to 225 then it is working fine. This issue happens only on Mac OSX. Please give you input on this. Please point out if there is any constraint of Qt for Mac OSX in such cases.


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