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OpenGL platform for Qt-gpa (aka Lighthouse)

  • Hello all,

    I've been looking into creating a web browser plug in for XBMC. A few of us hit upon the idea of writing a layer to allow Qt applications on XBMC. We can guarantee OpenGL on any XBMC supported platform, but not a window manager. (We'll glue the browser, OpenGL Qt platform, and XBMC together using an XBMC add-on in C++ later)

    I'm planning on writing a quick bit of test code to create an OpenGL platform for Lighthouse and see if I can get a webpage to load within it via the QtWebKit API. I've already downloaded the git clone for the latest lighthouse code.

    Is there any advice / likely pitfalls anyone can see with this approach?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yeah, that should be doable :) Morten wrote a plugin for Google Native client some time ago and it worked pretty well. See the EGLFs plugin to see how to implement a single context single surface lighthouse plugin. This plugin does no compositing, so all windows will be full screen. It could be possible to add some compositing step like the linuxfb (fb_base.h) plugin does.

    I hang out in the #qt-lighthouse channel on freenode. Please drop by with questions/bugs.


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