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Using Qt libraries, Qt Creator, etc on and for Mac OS X 10.6 32bit

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm starting right now with Qt developing, or at least I try to do this.
    For developing I'm using an Asus Eee PC 1000HE with OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard installed on it. The CPU is an Intel Atom N260, so it is only 32 bit and OS X is running 32 bit, too.
    First problem I had was, that Qt SDK is not available for 32 bit at all. I don't understand why, but ok.

    Then I downloaded the Qt libraries 4.8.4 for Mac and Qt Creator for Mac. Installed both correctly and then Command Line Tools/System Tools from XCode Setup (4.2, for Snow Leopard). After this the toolchains were discovered and I could compile and build some examples included without problem.

    But running them didn't worked. Qt Creator showed an error I don't remember anymore, but when opening the .app file through Finder, I'm getting "You cannot open this application xxx because it is not supported on this type of Mac". So it seems, that it was built correctly but only for 64 bit. I checked the settings for toolchain to the used Qt version in the settings of Qt Creator and I am only able to select "GCC (x86 64bit)" or "Clang (x86 64bit)", although 32bit-versions were detected correctly in the overall toolchain list.

    Now my question is how to compile and build apps for OS X 32bit and why the support for OS X 32bit is so bad (as I'm getting also "You cannot open...not supported on this type of Mac" when trying to open Qt Designer through Finder and it is grayed out in Qt Creator).

    If you need any file or setting to help me, please ask :)

    Best Regards,

  • No idea why a creator you built yourself won't run on your computer. Most likely something went wrong during the compilation. Did it use the right compilers? Sorry, I am no mac user, so I can not provide much help there.

    As to why Creator won't let you select 32bit tool chains: Creator tries to limit the tool chains offered to those that it thinks will produce binaries that can actually be linked with the Qt version you have selected. So my guess is that your Qt is 64bit.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have not built the Creator myself, but the example...

    I have taken the libraries from here: https://qt-project.org/downloads , "Qt libraries 4.8.3 for Mac (183 MB)". If this is only 64bit, where do I find 32bit? As I searched a bit with Google but couldn't find anything...

  • Sorry, I don't know the build settings for Mac. If a version is not listed on the page you gave, then there is a high likelihood that those binaries are simply not available.

  • Hm. But why is OS X 32bit not supported at all?

    So there's no chance to get the libraries for 32bit anywhere? I cannot believe that... :(

  • Oh, I am sure 32bit Mac will work, but you will most likely need to build it yourself. Not a fun thing to do on an atom processor... the build is not interactive so I tended to start builds before heading to bed and they were usually done in the morning.

  • Hm, ok. I've now installed Windows XP in VMware, and there Qt SDK. Not the best solution, but ok...

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